Nowadays in Serbia, even though the film industry has slipped into a world full of compromises and settling with less than expected, I believe that the Serbian audience can be pleased with an extraordinary story that imposes great moral questions. The genre that this film carries is extremely popular among cinema audience, but rarely does anyone in the Serbian cinematography wish to deal with such kind. It has been quite left out in the industry, though there is a chance that with its revival, the audience can be awaken and motivated to see another film about Serbian mentality, but shown and created in a whole new way. The film is highly demanding when it comes to production, because it needs to be filmed on different locations in Serbia, yet we see it as an opportunity to gain favour of the city halls of those exact locations. The framing style is, and shall be typical for this particular genre. Our main actors are those that belong to a generation that most people adore, such are Zarko Lausevic, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Slavko Labovic, Radoje Cupic, Igor Bencina, Petar Bencina, Sergej Trifunovic, and Marija Bjelica. These are the figures that can raise the value of the story, and the film in general, on an envious level.
The "Son's Will" by the director Nemanja Ćeranić and the screenwriter Strahinja Madžarević adds to the so-called "Film of revenge", combining a film tradition with patterns from ancient drama and folk poetry and this results in an authentic artistic expression that greatly exceeds the boundaries of the genre. The genre canon, characteristic of foreign films in "Son's Will" stands as a starting point enriched in a recognizable Serbian environment, with national motives and symbolism. Therefore, this project offers a unique combination of recognizable genre designs, artistic approaches and local themes, where the enumeration is permeated by creating a unique work. Nemanja Ćeranić and Strahinja Madžarević are young authors whose previous short works show an enviable understanding of the aesthetics of genres and skillfully handling them to make this demanding project sustainable. The Commission is convinced that this project will be successfully screened and open the door to a new, avant-garde genre expression in our cinema. Due to all of the above, the Commission considers that the film has great opportunities for various kinds of placements, both festival and commercial, and will have its place on the cinema repertoire of television exploitation, both in Slovenia and in the world. For many, this film could be a turning point in Serbian cinema, and the Commission expresses the hope that such projects will be more and more in the future.

Nemanja Ćeranić about the movie

S on’s Will possesses a style that was influenced by Japanese yakuza films from the ‘70s, and Hollywood’s adventurous films. As a director, I was drawn to the idea of bringing together two different kinds of film traditions, especially mixing the structure with an atypical ellipsis, which creates a unique impression on the viewer, making it look like two film stories blending into one.

T he style is similar to noir films that are transposed into a different world. In that way, you experience a hyperstilization which you can see in films such as “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott, and “Streets of Fire” by Walter Hill. That which is significant about this film is the scenography and usage of certain props, because they build up a specific film world, mixing rich styles of different cultures, and by that, making it completely eclectic. The exteriors are cold, wet, and dark, while the interiors are bright and rich, with an accent on neon colours blue and red. Locations that have caught our eyes are the industrial zones of Belgrade, so that the representation of a distopic world can reach its full capacity.


Igor Benčina

as Jovan

Marta Bjelica

as Maria

Sergej Trifunović

as Tudjin

Žarko Laušević

as Nikola

Making of Son's Will

W e were inspired by the idea to shoot a multilayered genre film, full of suspense, with clear poetics, that is allegorical, exciting, and emotional. A film that has the potential to be both a repertoire, and a festival film. By bringing together two young artists, Nemanja Ceranic and Strahinja Madzarevic, with whom our co - producer had already worked with on two different projects, like the short feature film “Farmer” which was shown on over a dozen of film festivals, with the similar poetics, and revenge motive, they have a downright attitude about making a thrilling subversive film “Son’s Will”, that can have a successful festival, and cinema life. With that in mind, I also wish to encourage filmmakers in Serbia to shoot genre films, because the number of that kind is slowly degrading.


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